Analyze, Illustrate, Fix & Run PL/SQL

Unfamiliar PL/SQL code? Analyze thousands of PL/SQL scripts with a single click. Creates "click-able" flowcharts, call tree diagrams and CRUD matrices to quickly understand the flow and the logic of your code. Benefit from code metrics to identify potential risks and to get better insight into your code. ClearSQL is a unique PL/SQL review and quality control tool, a code analyzer, and not a simple code formatter.

Advanced Oracle Database Documenter

A unique Oracle database documenter generating complete and detailed docu­mentation of Oracle databases up to 12c. ClearDB documents 58 Oracle database object types, their status and dependencies, the structure and PL/SQL source code. In depth analysis and illustration of PL/SQL code is provided. The illustration includes Flowcharts, Call Trees, ER and R&D diagrams, CRUD matrices of PL/SQL code; all "clickable"...

Oracle Development & Administration

Developers' top choice to write database objects, debug, execute, test and manage SQL & PL/SQL statements. DBAs top choice to analyze, monitor, examine and compare multiple Oracle DB's, schemas and objects. Format, analyze, illustrate and improve the quality of your PL/SQL using the "Code Analyzer" for SQLDetective. It's a powerful and cost effective tool for Oracle development and administration.


Highlights in version 6.9

  • bi-directional code synchronization
  • 15 new code review rules - 74 rules in total
  • naming rule patterns for names of object types
  • supports Oracle Conditional Compilation directives
  •


Highlights in version 4

  • generates hierarchically structured DB docu­mentation, including an Observation Report, as "clickable" interactive HTML
  • compares two sets of documentation or a docu­mentation with its source database
  • includes a "Code Audit" report for stored objects
  •

Highlights in version 4.3

  • Build your database projects more easily
  • Write and test your code more quickly
  • Administer your database more simply
  • Manage your data more smartly
  •
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